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A Vampire

It was beauty
It was all of Nature's glory in one form
But then, suddenly,
I realized that it was all wrong
This was darkness, not light
And this form murdered innocents
This thing melded with the night.
Towards death this form hints
A vampire.
Could I trust something so wrong?
I tried to do my best
I had not loved for so very long
You know all of the rest
This form is not as they say
It is vulnerable and it is weak
For its undeath it will always pay
For redemption it's cursed to seek
A vampire.

That is why it protects me.
That is why it cares
It took long for me to see
Past the cloak he always wears
But the passion I found there
Is something you would not believe
To see its real self is rare
Because to humans it will always be
A vampire.
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December 16, 2011
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